Air Dryer Dehumidifier CLI-DH8D

Air Dryer Dehumidifier CLI-DH8D

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Ideal for both warm and cold environments, the Cli~Mate Air Dryer Dehumidifier is unique in its ability to extract the same amount of moisture as a standard dehumidifier over 20oC with the added benefit of effective operation at temperatures as low as 5oC.

  • Ideal for use all year round in the bathroom, laundry, cellar, boats, caravans as well as drying your washing
  • Prevents mould, mildew and rot
  • Reduces dampness and eliminates odours
  • Reduces the humidity as well as drying out moisture
  • Warms and dries at the same time- expels warm air to increase drying effect


  • Dehumidification and ionization function
  • Dehumidifying capacity 8 Litres per day
  • Automatic or manual control with 3 humidity settings
  • On/Off timer with time delay option
  • Auto Restart Function
  • Pre-filter removes dust and eliminates larger floating pollutants particles
  • Removable 2 litre water tank, with auto off switch when full
  • Optional permanent drainage directly connected from water reservoir
  • Absorption technology- no refrigerants means a more environmentally friendly product.