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Enjoy the warm,cosy and romantic ambience of a fireplace without the mess.

The bio-ethanol fire place adds ambiance and warmth to your home with its captivating flame,
but the best bit is its smoke free, environmentally friendly and so simple to use

Bio ethanol fire places come in many different arrangements to offer a complete collection of versatile and attractive options.
From Freestanding fireplaces that add a statement to any room or outdoor area, to grates which allow retrofitting of a traditional fireplace to custom designs that require a firebox insert there is a solution for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly:-

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are fuelled as their name suggests by bio ethanol. It is a clean burning, renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products. It doesnít produce smoke, just a small amount of steam and carbon dioxide.

No Installation Required:-

As no smoke is produced, bio ethanol fire places donít require a chimney or flue. Since no flue is necessary a bio ethanol fire place can be installed just about anywhere you desire. Enjoy the warm dancing flame inside during winter or create a wonderful feature outside during summer.

Simple To Operate:-

Liquid bio ethanol is held in a purpose built burner at the base of the fire place and is easy to light with a flame. There are no electric or gas connections that restrict the positioning of the fireplace. When you are finished enjoying the flame simply snuff it out. There is no wood storage, difficulties in lighting it or ash clean up saving you money, time and energy.

Great ornamental piece to light up
and decorate a room
Eco friendly, bio ethanol is a clean burning
renewable liquid fuel
Stainless steel body with strong durable
tempered glass panels
400ml, stainless steel fuel tray
No costly installation, versatile in design
Fuel not supplied with product
Burn time up to 3 hours*