JuicePro - Cold Press Juicer

JuicePro - Cold Press Juicer

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More Juice, More Nutrients, More Pure.

Cold Press Juicing Method

This unique juicing method yields the maximum amount of juice with minimal effort. Juice is extracted through gently pressing and squeezing which maintains more vitamins,enzymes and nutrients than traditional juicing systems.

More Flexibility

You can just more than fruit and vegetables, juice leafy greens, wheatgrass and even soybeans.


Operating at an amazing low speed of 80RPM, Juice-Pro uses only 150 watts of energy. The powerful, low speed motor is energy efficient and is whisper quiet in comparison to traditional high-speed juicers. Its quality ensures durability.

Cold Press VS Traditional

Traditional high-speed juicers can not maintain the nutrients, form and pure taste as the Juice-Pro Cold Press Juicer. The heat produced in traditional juicers can damage vital nutrients causing separation and creates froth.

Tomato juice has been used the illustrate the comparison

Dimensions (CM) 17.5 x 22 x 40.2

Weight (KG) 5.2

Voltage 220-240 Wolts

Frequency 60Hz

Power Consumption 150 Watts

RPM 80