VacPro- Premium Home Vacuum Sealer

VacPro- Premium Home Vacuum Sealer

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Extends food freshness up to 5 times longer

Fresh Food for Longer! The Vacpro removes air from specially designed bags and canisters to extend food freshness up to 5 times longer than conventional methods.

NEW! Vacuum Speed and Food Setting Control

Speed options of 'Gentle' for delicate food or ' Normal' for bags and canisters.

Food setting options of 'Dry' for food or items without liquid or 'Moist' for juicy foods.

NEW! Marinate Function

For achieving best marinating results with one single touch. Automatically marinates by applying a cycle of vacuuming and releasing air into the marinator bowl.

Wide Seal and Cross Air Venting Technology

The pre-cut vacuum bags and rolls are specically designed with cross channels that ensure the quick and effective removal of air from the bag. The wide seal is ideal for wet items and provides seal security and durability

Built in Roll Cutter

Allows you to conveniently make a custom sized bag such as an extra long bag for a large fish

Premium Stainless Steel Finish

HUGE VALUE! Comes with 5 Bonus Accessories

  • 3x Bonus Storage Canisters (700ml ,1.4L and 2L)
  • 2x Bonus Wine Preservers
  • 2x Bonus Rolls of Film
  • 2x Bonus Lunch Boxes
  • 1x Bonus Marinator Bowl
Model Code ALI-VAC2
Air Extraction 12L per minute
Warranty 12 months