Shipping & returns

Approved and confirmed orders will be dispatched within 1-2 working days* from date of confirmed payment. Shipping to confirmed addresses (within Australia) may take up to 5-7 working days.*

smartLifedirect is not responsible for any loss or damage to goods in transit, if insurance has not been selected at time of purchase and confirmation of order. smartLifedirect shall render the purchaser such assistance as may be necessary to press claims on carriers provided the purchaser shall have notified us and the carriers in writing immediately after the loss or damage is discovered on receipt of goods and shall lodge a claim on the carrier within fourteen days of the date of receipt of the goods.

Shipping/dispatch dates are approximate only. smartLifedirect shall not be liable for delay in performance resulting from or contributed by circumstances beyond smartLifedirect control and / or without limitation from or by fire, explosion, flood, accident to plant or equipment, riots, wars or national emergency, labour disputes of every kind, however caused, acts of government, inability to obtain suitable material or equipment, acts of carriers or postal authorities. Purchaser may not cancel because of any delay or for any other reason not the fault of smartLifedirect.

*Note: Public holidays are classed as non working days. From time to time Australian Direct Services Pty Ltd will be closed, notification of any closure dates will be advised in advance.